Month: January 2020

Cutting the Crap on the Gut Microbiome with Frank Cusimano, PhD

Dr. Frank Cusimano, PhD, has a doctorate in Nutrition and Metabolic Biology from Columbia University and is currently a medical student at the Arizona College of Osteopathic medicine. Having done his PhD on the gut microbiome, a hot topic, we dive into the science of prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and antibiotics. What can we actually recommend to patients to help them with GI upset while on antibiotics? How does the microbiome influence inflammatory bowel disease? How can the gut actually influence our brains? A previous guest discussed how the colon is the window to the soul. Turns out there’s science behind that!

Having been a sponsored athlete as an adult, Dr. Cusimano is currently a medical student uniquely blending his understanding of biochemistry with human physiology and human potential. In College he received both a BS and BA from SMU in Chemistry and Biology and then went on to complete a MS from Johns Hopkins University in Biotechnology concentrating in Bioinformatics, all in addition to his PhD. He is the host of the Surviving Medicine Podcast and a regular contributor for Medscape and Doximity.