Month: April 2022

Docs Should Borrow from Doc2DocLending Now with Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA

Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA is a co- founder/managing partner of Doc2DocLending and is principally involved with investor relations and business development. He is a Harvard-trained, double board certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain management specialist. He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Regenerative Spine and Pain in Atlanta, GA.   Dr. Marshall got his MD/MBA from Emory and while there was awarded Emory’s Humanitarian of the Year Prize for his work with Pipeline, a longitudinal inner-city high school mentoring program.    Dr. Marshall is the managing partner of Arrowhead Healthcare Consultancy, LLC and serves on the Board of the Emory Alumni Association and the Medical Executive Committee of Alliance Spine and Pain. He is a clinical preceptor for medical students in his pain practice and is actively involved in philanthropy in Atlanta and Guyana.   We talk about how Doc2Doc Lending got started, some of the hiccups, how lending small amounts of money for low interest rates is a money-making business, why someone might borrow from Doc2Doc, and how his MBA has helped him with the business and his perspective on problem-solving in healthcare.

How to Become the Next Millionaire Next Door

On today’s episode, we discuss the characteristics that predict an individual’s propensity to build wealth, why physicians have a bad reputation in this department and what we can do to improve, with industrial psychologist, Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw.  Dr. Fallaw is the author of The Next Millionaire Next Door and the founder of DataPoints LLC, a research and technology company that provides advisors and individuals with behavioral science tools to achieve financial success. DataPoints created the industry’s first assessment of individual propensity to build wealth based on The Millionaire Next Door. Her research on psychometrics and financial psychology has been featured in conferences and publications including Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Journal of Financial Services Professionals. Sarah received her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Georgia in 2003.

We dive into the six behavioral components that contribute to an individual’s propensity to build wealth: social indifference, frugality, an internal locus of control, confidence in financial literacy, conscientiousness, and planning and monitoring.  We discuss how a few big decisions can have far reaching consequences on our ability to accumulate wealth, like choosing a neighborhood and choosing a spouse and creating a long-term financial plan.  She gives us some smaller habits to help us develop our wealth building potential, like suggestions for apps that allow us to check in on our finances easily, reading blogs or books to allow us to realize how much control we do have, and we end with how she is passing that wealth building mindset on to her children.

This Pediatrician is a Sci-Fi Writer with Teresa Fuller, MD, PhD

On the heels of our interview with author Jack El-Hai, who teaches physicians creative writing as an outlet, we have pediatrician, speaker and sci-fi writer Dr. Teresa Fuller. Dr. Fuller received both her M.D. and Ph.D. at Howard University and has been a practicing pediatrician in the Maryland area for more than 20 years.     In addition to full-time pediatric practice, Dr. Fuller has been a contributing health writer for The Baltimore Times and Demand Media. She is the author of Change 1 Thing: A Doctor’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss, Disease Prevention and a Lifetime of Incredible Health.   She also writes medical thrillers that teeter on the edge of science and science-fiction. She wrote her first novel, Time of Death: The Next Pandemic, way before this pandemic, so you’ll hear the story of how she came up with the idea and shopped it around, had it rejected, and finally published. She recently released her second novel entitled The Marked: Extinction which is a young adult sci-fi thriller. We discussed her foray into writing, how she comes up with stories, develops characters, and manages to keep it a hobby, not another to do on your list. 

Doctoring Through the Shouldstorm with Alison Escalante, MD

Alison Escalante, MD is a practicing pediatrician who has developed a way of thinking and breathing through what she calls, “The Shouldstorm.”  As physicians, we face similar storms with our patients, colleagues, administrators, and ourselves.  She walks us through the ideas she presented in a TEDx talk and applies it to doctoring.     She can be found at  And her TEDx talk can be found at   She did her undergrad at Princeton, studying Medieval Renaissance History, went to med school at Rutgers University-Robert Wood Johnson and pediatric residency at Duke and University of Chicago.  She is a former clinical instructor of pediatrics at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and is now a pediatrician at DuPage medical group in Naperville, Illinois.  She practices what she preaches as the mother of two fun, friendly, rambunctious and startlingly wise boys.

Make Your Work Days Happy Days with Lara Hochman, MD, of Happy Day Health

Lara Hochman, MD is a Family Medicine physician, and advocate for fellow doctors’ wellbeing amidst rising burnout and dissatisfaction.

No, this is not another podcast about burnout.

We are going to be talking about finding a practice you’ll love and on the other side, being the practice that other physicians will want to join and never leave. She founded Happy Day Health, a boutique physician matchmaking agency to match doctors with well run, physician-owned practices where they can have a voice and enjoy practicing medicine again. She gives us the perspectives of both the practice owner and job applicant. What changes have the biggest return on investment to helping hire and retain physician employees and partners? On the flip side, as an applicant, how do we know which practice is going to be the best match? Why do physicians leave? 

Physician Mortgages – Home Buying for Doctors with John Ramey, MD, of DrMoves

Dr. Ramey had a pretty negative experience buying his first home as a med student, so he took matters into his own hands.  His wife got her real estate license, he got his, and how he helps med students, residents, and attendings around the country buy homes.  He walks us through the entire process from tip to tail, and we discuss for whom a physician loan would be appropriate, the advantages and disadvantages of such a loan, as well as the other types of loans available.

He also has an extremely comprehensive website with sources for physician loans as well as ways to earn extra income as a physician.

Writing to Soothe Your Weary Soul with Jack El-Hai

Jack El-Hai is an award-winning medical writer who coaches and leads workshops for physicians interested in reaping the benefits of writing creatively. We discuss the benefits during the interview, as well as how to get started on ten minutes per day or less, how to get those creative juices flowing and how that annoying clicking sound my partner makes when he drinks his tea can be used as inspiration. He also defines “creative writing,” and it is a lot more encompassing than I thought.   El-Hai has led writing workshops through the Center for Humanities in Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, continuing education programs at the University of Minnesota, and the Loft Literary Center, as well as coaching physicians one-on-one in creative writing. He is the author of award-winning books on the history of medicine and a contributor of more than 600 articles and essays to The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Wired, GQ, The Washington Post Magazine, and many other publications. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Bennington College and taught in the MFA creative writing program at Augsburg University. He can be found at

Positive Philosophy: Ancient and Modern Wisdom to Create a Flourishing Life with Sanj Katyal, MD

Dr. Sanj Katyal is a radiologist and a student of positive psychology.  He wrote the book that he wished he had read 20 years ago and he in order to share what he has learned with us.  He combines the philosophy of the ancient stoics and Bhagavad Gita with the relatively new, science-backed positive psychology to help us live our best lives.  We cover the trap of hedonic adaptation and how this applies to physician finances and how this concept can cause an initially exciting profession to become mundane, and how to resist this.  We also discuss why we should all be meditating, practicing gratitude, and negative visualization – picturing yourself without to appreciate what you have.  Our discussion just scratches the surface and for more, read the book to learn how to achieve what the stoics called eudaimonia – the state of human flourishing.

Dr. Katyal holds a Bachelor of Science with University Honors in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine. He is the Founder of Positive Psychology Program for Physicians and President of Optimal Life Imaging Group, PC.

Dr. Katyal also holds certifications in Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching from Whole Being Institute. He has published and lectured extensively on well-being and the Science of Happiness to audiences ranging from college students to physicians. His research interests include developing a new model of optimal wellness incorporating principles from psychology, organizational leadership, health neuroscience and medicine. He is also investigating the effectiveness of positive psychology interventions on physician wellness/burnout. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at La Roche College teaching the class “How to Flourish: Lessons from Positive Psychology”.

He is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Positive Philosophy: Ancient and Modern Wisdom to Create a Flourishing Life released in the fall of 2018.  Dr. Katyal lives with his family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include kayaking, writing, and traveling.

Private Equity Healthcare Deal Structures with AJ Shekar and Scott Davis of Provident Healthcare Partners

Provident Healthcare Partners is a healthcare specific investment banking firm whose services include mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing, and strategic advisory. On today’s show, we welcome back Directors AJ Shekar and Scott Davis. AJ is responsible for business development and deal execution across a range of services industries. During his tenure, he has advised dozens of companies that are considering strategic alternatives including strategic mergers and private equity recapitalizations. Scott leads transactions across a wide range of healthcare services sectors, focusing on business development, marketing, negotiation of deal terms, and due diligence efforts.  This is a follow-up to our first interview from back in January where we covered the advantages of selling, even early or mid-career vs. trying to scale up a practice using your own capital. On today’s interview we talk about the standard deal structures and some of the variations they’ve seen. They also clear up a number of misconceptions that I had. Ultimately, private equity is playing the long game and physicians talk to each other, so if we feel like we’ve been taken advantage of, their model doesn’t work.