A Side-Gig in Medical-Legal Consulting that isn’t MedMal, with Armin Feldman, MD

For the past 13 years, Dr. Armin Feldman has provided Pre-Trial/Pre-Litigation medical consulting to our legal system. He has trained over 1,600 physicians around the United States to learn how to do this kind of medical consulting and supplement their income by providing these services. Dr. Feldman consults on those 9 of 10 cases that are settled and never go to trial.

We discuss what makes medicolegal consultant work different from a medical expert.  Essentially, you are working for the plaintiff’s attorney in a personal injury or workman’s compensation case, usually because of some type of traumatic injury, trying to determine if the case has merit, reviewing the case for concurrent adverse outcomes that may not have been identified, like depression, and assisting the attorney until the case goes to trial, when an expert witness takes over. That being said, most cases settle. We discuss how to get a foot in the door, how to market yourself, and how much time you should expect this to occupy. He has an upcoming conference at the end of April, virtual, of course, that you can find at medlegal2021.com.

Dr. Feldman began his career in psychiatry, practicing for over 20 years and owning several outpatient head injury rehabilitation clinics around the country. In 2008, Dr. Feldman opened MD Consulting Services, aiding legal professionals in navigating the medical issues in their cases. In 2011, Dr. Feldman expanded his services, creating MD Business Consultants, a coaching program and business system for physicians doing Medical/Legal consulting. With a database of 750,000 physicians, Dr. Feldman teaches his techniques via his Coaching Program and through a conference is via live stream only due to the current pandemic.