Docs Should Borrow from Doc2DocLending Now with Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA

Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA is a co- founder/managing partner of Doc2DocLending and is principally involved with investor relations and business development. He is a Harvard-trained, double board certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain management specialist. He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Regenerative Spine and Pain in Atlanta, GA.   Dr. Marshall got his MD/MBA from Emory and while there was awarded Emory’s Humanitarian of the Year Prize for his work with Pipeline, a longitudinal inner-city high school mentoring program.    Dr. Marshall is the managing partner of Arrowhead Healthcare Consultancy, LLC and serves on the Board of the Emory Alumni Association and the Medical Executive Committee of Alliance Spine and Pain. He is a clinical preceptor for medical students in his pain practice and is actively involved in philanthropy in Atlanta and Guyana.   We talk about how Doc2Doc Lending got started, some of the hiccups, how lending small amounts of money for low interest rates is a money-making business, why someone might borrow from Doc2Doc, and how his MBA has helped him with the business and his perspective on problem-solving in healthcare.