Sandy Scott is a physician and executive coach who has coached over 500 physicians and healthcare executives. Sandy’s vision is to transform the lives of all physician leaders into meaningful and high-performing journeys by teaching us the strategies and tactics we need to lead and live with purpose.

We discuss how to get to the C-suite and this requires a lot of self-reflection. The key is being able to identify your strengths and playing to those strengths in order to get to a goal that you may have never previously considered. This is all about big picture and big thinking in order to have a transformative experience. She gives us some steps that can build the foundation to start moving in that direction.

She is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, a Board and Professional Certified Coach, and a Certified Physician Development Coach, with an Executive Master’s in Public Administration, from the University of Colorado.

You can find her at and on her podcast High Impact Physicians, where I was featured here: Stay Flexible by Playing with Your Kids (Dr. Brad Block) (

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