Honest Answers About Disability Insurance with Matthew Wiggins of PatternLife.com

Matthew Wiggins is the co-founder and Senior Advisor at Pattern, a life and disability insurance company that caters specifically to the physician community. Today he teaches us about disability and despite there being a pandemic that is putting us at higher risk, because of the shelter in place orders, it is actually EASIER to get disability. We discuss this as well as why disability is so important, why he rarely sells short term disability, when it is OK to drop your policy, and the rate of disability for physicians vs. the population at large.

Mr. Wiggins has spent the past 10 years educating and advising over 6,000 physicians across the country. He has been invited to speak at many major medical training institutions such as Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, and has provided educational webinars to thousands of doctors through the years. Doctors who attend these sessions say that the emphasis on what Matt calls physician “practical wellness” impacts how they view and handle searching for jobs, signing contracts, and staying on top of their personal finances.

As a full disclosure, he is a sponsor of this episode and a few others, but I didn’t pull any punches and if you are looking for social proof, just go to his website. He has the support of some of the biggest names in the physician finance space. Find him at Patternlife.com/partner/PGD.

This episode is sponsored by PatternLife.com. Shopping for disability insurance can be complicated and time consuming. Wondering if you are getting the best prices and discounts while in training can make the process even more overwhelming. Pattern believes doctors have more important things to do than spend hours sorting through numerous insurance options. This is why thousands of doctors trust Pattern to help them compare and understand the insurance they are buying. They do this in three simple steps: First, request your quotes online. Second, compare your options and ask questions. And third, apply risk-free. Be confident you have the right policy so that your income is protected. With discounts for doctors in training and some relaxed requirements during COVID-19, now is truly the best time to request your disability insurance quotes with Pattern at patternlife.com/partner/pgd.

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