Interrogate Your Patients – Forensic Interview Techniques for Physicians with Michael Reddington, CFI

Micheal Reddington is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) and the President of Inquasive. Inquasive is a company that integrates the components of non-confrontational interview techniques with business research for executives. Michael uses his Forensics background and understanding of behavior through interrogation to teach businesses to use the truth to their advantage. Now he teaches the same interview techniques to Physicians.  In this week’s episode, we discuss techniques to achieve better interactions with patients. It is not easy in many cases to convince them to relay the correct information. It is hard to diagnose a patient if only half of the needed information or the wrong information is received. For many patients, it is about trust that the physician will give them the correct diagnosis. This trust is a key component for a physician to provide the best care possible. The techniques discussed in this episode will answer how to use them in daily patient interactions and many more questions!   The sponsor for this week’s episode is Vive Funds. Reach out to Veena and her team at Vive Funds to find out how you can be a successful investor too! Vive Funds creates opportunities for you to build your portfolio. You can find out more by visiting: