Dr. Stefani Reinold is a board-certified psychiatrist, body image coach, women’s mental health expert, and eating disorders specialist. She is the author of the bestselling book, Let Your Heart Out, podcast host of the show, It’s Not About the Foodand Creator of the HEART Method: a self-led therapy tool helping with emotional self-awareness and resiliency.

She went to medical school at University of Texas at San Antonio and did her residency at George Washington University.

Speaking to patients about their weight can be challenging as this often emotionally charged and multifactorial. Issues with body image, emotional eating, confusing and contradictory information about what, when and how to eat, and as one patient told me, you don’t have to smoke to live, but you have to eat to live.

Her aim is to help people to have a healthier relationship with food and to untangle the complicated knot that surrounds food.

We discuss her current podcast and her online journey, which included previously advocating for a specific way of eating, which she now believes is part of the problem. She also discusses her own interactions with the healthcare system that she found triggering regarding her weight. She teaches us effective ways to start the conversation, if at all, about eating habits, and how she believes that BMI is not an accurate measure of one’s health.

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