Learning How to Learn with the Medical Mnemonist, Chase DiMarco

This episode is very META. It is about learning how to learn. For the premeds, med students and residents, this is critical.  For those of us out and about in the world that need to recertify, this is a reminder that we never knew the best ways to study, so we should learn those techniques now. Chase DiMarco teaches us ideas like visual mnemonics, memory palaces, mind mapping, gamification among others.

Chase is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.D-candidate. He is the Founder and educator at FreeMedEd, which he began in 2014 to consolidate free educational resources for his classmates. He is the host of the Medical Mnemonist Podcast, creator of several medical education platforms, and is the CEO of FindARotation clinical rotations service. He has explored many facets of medical education, the psychology of learning, and accelerated learning techniques. As an average student, it wasn’t until after he had attained graduate education that he learned to implement accelerated learning and educational efficiency. He has a passion to make studying easier for all students and bring great educational resources to the masses.

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