Gender-Affirming Language in Healthcare with Crystal Beal, MD, of

Gender-Affirming Language in Healthcare with Crystal Beal, MD, of

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Gender-Affirming Language in Healthcare with Crystal Beal, MD, of

Dr. Crystal Beal, a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, started QueerDoc with the mission to raise the bar in gender-affirming care and improve LGBTQ+ lives through:

They leverage their lived experience and medical expertise to offer a level of unsurpassed nuance to their services.  

We talk about Gender-Affirming Medical Care and the evolving language surrounding it and how best to recover after making a mistake regarding that language. Words matter.

Dr. Beal attended Florida State University College of Medicine where they helped found the LGBTQ+ medical student group. They completed their training at Valley Family Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Beal sought extensive additional training in sexual health, queer health, and gender-affirming care including self-study, continuing medical education trainings, and shadowing experts in the community. They have focused CME in the topics of cultural humility, trauma-informed care, sex-positive care, and kink-affirming care. They share their knowledge working with medical students and through their online program Physician’s Guide to Doctoring listeners can get 10% off with the code “PGTD2022”.

They are a non-binary femme and are SUPER queer themself enjoying queer burlesque, vintage fashion, and their queer, kinky, poly family! 

Twitter: @docqueer
IG: @queerdoc
TT: @queercme 

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