Give Credit by CMEfying Your Content with Brian Cohen, MD

Give Credit by CMEfying Your Content with Brian Cohen, MD

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Give Credit by CMEfying Your Content with Brian Cohen, MD

Brian Cohen, MD, is a practicing anesthesiologist and entrepreneur in the digital health space. In 2015, he co-founded Miami Anesthesia Services, a concierge anesthesia company throughout South Florida. Dr. Cohen acts as Administrative Chief of Miami Anesthesia Services and Chief of their Management Service Organization that supports other independent anesthesia practices throughout Florida. Dr. Cohen is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Adaptrack, a medical risk focused digital platform for clinicians. He is also the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of CMEfy, a platform that acts as an engagement and reward tool for clinicians co-learning with each other and within organizations. Additionally, Dr. Cohen is the Specialty Medical Director for the Preferred Anesthesia and Pain Management Program of AMS-RRG, an AM Best, A-rated medical liability company.

This was a wide-ranging conversation starting with his concierge anesthesia practice, why he started an MSO if he has no intention of selling said MSO, and then we move onto the digital space and discuss Adaptrack, which creates CME accredited content for physicians that is specialty specific based on trends in litigation to help us manage risk. We end on how you all are going to start getting CME credits for listening to this podcast and reflecting on what you learn via CMEfy.

Dr. Cohen completed his BA/MD at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and his residency in anesthesia at Washington University in St. Louis. Most importantly, Dr. Cohen is married to his college sweetheart, also a practicing physician, and the father of their two amazing daughters.

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