Optimize Your Voice for Every Setting with Carin Gilfry

Optimize Your Voice for Every Setting with Carin Gilfry

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Optimize Your Voice for Every Setting with Carin Gilfry

Carin Gilfry is an experienced voice actor who voiced thousands of commercials, instructional videos, IVR systems, eLearning programs, documentaries, and video games, and narrated and produced over 100 audiobooks. She works primarily from her professional home studio in Southern California (www.GilfryStudios.com). Her past and current clients include FedEx, Volkswagen, Citibank, Duncan Hines, Aspercreme, Quaker, Clairol, CVS, Zulily.com, Neutrogena, Benjamin Moore, GrubHub, Jakks Pacific Toys, Little Tikes, Play Doh, Denny’s, Shutterfly, Audible.com, Quell, and many more.

Given her expertise in using her voice, we discussed how to make sure we are using our voices optimally when we are with our patients in the exam room, giving a talk, practicing telemedicine and how to optimize our acoustics. We talk about how her need to optimize acoustics landed her on This American Life, sharing a stage with comedian Mike Birbiglia, Anthony Ramos of In the Heights and Hamilton and Shasheer Zamata of SNL.

Carin Gilfry began her career as a singer. She studied at the USC Thornton School of Music and The Juilliard School. She sings in every style including classical, pop, rock, folk, children’s music, Broadway, and jazz. She also sang at my wedding and was the first producer of this podcast.

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