Financial Residency

Financial Residency is made up of hundreds of attendings, residents, and their spouses (800+ to be more exact!) who just about had it with their financial challenges.

They know how it feels to struggle with student loan debt, be in survival mode during residency, long to save money for retirement, in some instances, moonlight, and, depending on their medical journey, invest $$ where it makes the most sense for them and/or their family’s financial future.

As a community who cares for each other, we exist to arm you with financial knowledge so that you can protect and grow your assets.

We also aim to shield you from insurance agents, stock brokers, fee based financial planners, and lenders who rely on making that extra buck off selling products and services you don’t need. Don’t you hate that?

Being a part of the Financial Residency community brings you up to speed on your financial literacy to confidently take control of your household finances.