Lynn Marie Morski, MD, has played every instrument, every sport, run for every office and she quit them all to lie on the beach.  OK, none of that is true except the lie on the beach part since she lives in San Diego, but she is a quitting evangelist.  We discuss when to quit and more importantly, when NOT to quit, the psychology of quitting and what prevents us from following through.  She has a five point plan for strategic quitting, so we go through all five steps.  Even though her platform is quitting for EVERYONE, she is a physician, so she understands the struggles we face and specifically tailors her quitting strategy to our profession. 

She helps people quit anything that’s no longer serving them, like jobs, relationships, or mindsets, through her book, Quitting by Design, and her podcast, Quit Happens, along with speaking and coaching. She is also a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, currently working at the Veterans Administration, and she serves as Chief Medical Editor for PRIME, the largest peak performance, optimization, and longevity marketplace in the country. In addition, she is an attorney and former adjunct law professor.

When not doctoring, lawyering, or preaching the gospel of strategic quitting, Lynn Marie can be found doing yoga, playing multiple musical instruments and dancing like everyone’s watching.