What Our Allied Health Colleagues Want Us to Know with Andrew Tisser, DO

Andrew Tisser DO is an emergency physician and urgent care director practicing in Western NY. Andrew’s passion is to help fellow early-career physicians navigate the issues of money, mindset and making moves (goal setting). He hosts the Talk2MeDoc podcast and is the owner of Talk2MeDoc LLC, a consulting company working with early-career physicians on the above. His original podcast goal was to get different allied health professionals onto the show to discuss what they wanted physicians to know about their fields and what we could do to foster better communication. On today’s show we discuss the takeaway from a few of his more memorable episodes, covering the security personal, nurses, physical therapists, lab technicians, pharmacists and more. There were common themes throughout the interviews that we discuss. He has since pivoted to focusing his podcast on issues relevant to early career physicians. He can be found at AndrewTisserDO.com

 Dr. Tisser is a loving husband to his wife Alysia [pronounced ALEESHA] and proud dog dad to Lillie, a 9 year old shepherd/collie mix. You can find him at https://andrewtisserdo.com

Twitter: @talk2medoc

FB: Andrew tisser and talk2medoc consulting

LinkedIn: @andrewtisserdo

IG: @talk2medocpodcast

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