You Must Start Practicing in Australasian Now with Carmen Brown, MD

Carmen Brown, MD, is an author, blogger, practicing OB-GYN, and managing partner and founder of ExpatMD. She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and young son. We talk about how she ended up practicing down-under, how to make it happen, what some of the differences about practicing down there and focused a bit on practice of OB-GYN. She dispelled some myths about limitations to practicing abroad and we discussed a little about what it’s like being a black woman in down under. Dr. Brown has been overseas for over eight years and has become passionate about helping other physicians realize their options to live and work overseas. After assisting several doctors find jobs in either New Zealand or Australia, Dr. Brown decided to start ExpatMD, a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping American doctors achieve their dream of becoming an expat.  She also published ‘ExpatMD: Your Guide to Living and Working in Australia and New Zealand as a Physician.’ She also writes a blog about life as a doctor mom with a child with Autism at  You can follow her on LinkedIn or Instagram @ExpatMD  or on Twitter @DoctorCarmenB  or @AutismDrMom    Today’s Sponsor is LocumStory. To find out more visit: